The Solent

The Royal Yacht Club of Cowes is the starting signal for the Fastnet race, which takes place every two years. From Cowes the race goes around the Fastnet rock, Ireland and the Isles of Scilly and ends, after 608 miles, in Plymouth. The prize to be won is called the Fastnet Challenge Cup. For many, participating in the race is an impressive performance. In addition to many other annual events starting from Cowes also start the Round the Island Race, the Volvo Ocean Race and of course the Cowesweek. The Solent almost always blows but the Isle of Wight protects against the influences of the open sea. In addition to the numerous anchorages, there are many ports with a typical classic appearance. The water is clear light green through the chalky soil, which invites you to go for a swim. The nautical challenge is to respond to shallows with cross currents, light sectors and large shipping.

The typical tidal current around the Isle of Wight determines the sailing plan. If you later go sailing in this area on your own keel or just want to go to the Atlantic Ocean, the Needles can be a springboard to the open sea with its ocean swell but also to other ports on the English South Coast. The Western entry is characterized by the Needles, a beautiful rockery at the entry. The eastern entrance of the Solent is characterized by two round forts that seem to lie there especially for us as ideal reference points, but were actually built in 1860 as protection against a possible French invasion. A number of rivers flow into the Solent. We can navigate them to navigate to our hearts' content and anchor endlessly, while enjoying the beautiful landscape.