Wie zijn zeezeilschool de Zeezeilers?

In the spring of 1981, De Zeezeilers van Marken started giving sailing courses. The adventurous trips of Les Glénans, the well-known sailing school in Brittany, were the source of inspiration for pioneers Leo Kind and Jolien Geursen. They brought real off-shore sailing trips to the Netherlands to make this branch of watersports accessible to a larger audience in the form of an off-shore sailing school. Marken was then the head office. With two Waarschepen 900 we sailed from Marken to The Isles of Scilly and Brittany (France).

This sailing school soon chose for the Wadden Sea and her trenches as a sailing area because of its unique character. Harlingen and Amsterdam have become our home ports and the three Centurions and a V44 sail along the entire Dutch, French and English coast. The name Marken will stay for a while. We still regularly visit the former island of the Zuiderzee.

The Zeezeilers from Marken have set themselves the goal of inspiring off-shore sailors and to get even more pleasure out of off-shore sailing. This resulted in a fascinating course program and a series of beautiful trips in beautiful sailing areas. Sailing skills are crucial for sailing pleasure. A skilled skipper gives a relaxed atmosphere on board. At this sailing school you choose a school with a vision. Soon you will be part of a team and a network of great sailors. The Zeezeilers offer advice, training and sailing with passion.

Off-shore sailing appeals to the imagination: vacation, feeling the wind and water, feeling freedom and pushing boundaries. We as an off-shore sailing school would like to introduce you to the diversity of sailing and the nautical challenges. For that we look for the best locations for you to push your limits again. For many, learning how to sail is a source of personal growth and development.

There are a wide range of courses, sailing trips, training courses and master classes. For both pleasure and professional. This is possible in separate courses. But every year there is also a group of people, a whole process, whether or not spread over a longer period of time, to work professionally as a Yachtmaster later. This is possible over a longer period of time, but also afterwards from "Zero to Hero". But what do you think of competitive sailing, mile-making trips or adventure travel.


Rob Bonte and staff

We are happy to help you choose a suitable off-shore sailing trip at our sailing school.
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