Fast track to RYA Yachtmaster Offshore

RYA Yachtmaster Offshore, Fast Track from Zero to Hero

FAST TRACK is the original comprehensive, professional seamanship, training program. Designed for (future) professionals and those who want to build their sailing skillset. If you already have sailing experience the track can be adapted in consultation with the principle/chief instructor.

With full Royal Yachting Association (RYA) recognition, it is run by an experienced team of yachting instructors. We can ensure that the highest possible standard of instruction is given to each individual. Students selected for this intensive course can expect to receive quality training. From day one you will be working towards the RYA/MCA Yachtmaster® Offshore qualification. You will sail aboard at a variety of yachts, learning good practical seamanship, constantly improving personal technical expertise and above all learning those vital skippering skills allowing you to gain a wide base of experience.

Here, students will be shown the intricacies of navigation, meteorology, safety, electronics, use of radar and the rules regarding avoidance of collisions at sea. The Zero to Hero Fasttrack is for those who are committed to establishing a career in the marine industry and for those looking for a career break. It is not just a series of RYA courses put together, but a careful mixture of programme learning, technical instruction and the all important skipper experience building. We combine this with regular evaluation of your progress during the week and in the end from an different points of view to make the most of your weeks.

Fast Track Price € 9500 (2022)

Included are Instruction, staying and sleeping on board, use of gas and diesel, insurances and Dutch VAT.
Excluded are Transport to and from harbours of departure and destination. Vervoer van en naar de op- afstapplaats. Common board cash for food and drinks on board and harbour fees. The skipper does not participate in the costs.
The courses are provided by professional instructors. You can start every month and choose the modules based on availability. For inquiries, please fill in the contactform.

The course includes practical: 50-60 days, > 2500 miles sailing with a mix of courses, milesbuilders & training passages and pilotage.

The Fast Track consists of separate practical modules:

  • RYA Competent Crew course for beginners and those who would like to become active crew members rather than just passengers.
  • RYA Day Skipper course for aspiring skippers with some yachting experience and basic navigation and sailing skills.
  • RYA Coastal Skipper course with advanced skippering techniques for yachtsmen and women with considerable knowledge of sailing and navigation.
  • Qualifying milesbuilders, 60' Passages pilotages on tidal harbours by day and night after Coastal Skipper.
  • Close quarters Boat Handling, Boat maneuvers
  • Skippering Experiences
  • Yachtmaster Offshore Prep & Exam.(5+2)
    - 5 days final preperation Tailor-made to your specific needs and exam (You have had the advice that you are ready for it)

    - 2 days exam

    Our advice is to make adequate seamiles and qualifiing passages before the Yachtmaster prepweek.
    The day skipper is good for your fundamental skippering skills and boat handling exercises on tidal waters. Only then do your nautical miles with your friends, in the structure, safety and accountability that you have learned at the coastal skipper. During the first training we can assess where you are in the scheme. You can phone us for more advice or questions.

The Fast Track includes several theory modules:

  • Shorebased Day Skipper & Coastal Skipper / YM Offshore Theory
  • RYA/MCA Marine Diesel Engine
  • RYA First Aid
  • Shorebased Coastal Skipper / YM Offshore Theory
  • OPST Seasurvival

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