Scandinavia has island kingdoms that we can only dream of in the Netherlands. There are harbors, anchorages and villages in all shapes and sizes. The population in the different countries cannot be put together, but in the first instance people can sometimes react with distance. If you use it a little longer then the "vikings" often prove to be very friendly and helpful.

Via the Baltic Sea we pass towards Kattegat towards Sweden and Norway where extensive navigation is required due to a number of shallows that we have to cross to reach the islands. Once moored we can enjoy nice harbors, dunes and beaches. This area is a seal's paradise that is protected in peace in colonies.

There are a number of volcanic islands in the Limfjord, where it is wonderfully quiet; here we are in the hinterland of Denmark. This coast is more sheltered than the Swedish side of the Skagerrak and also busier with buildings. Yet there are many natural harbors where you can moor on a rock.

The Swedish west coast is making a name for itself due to its fantastic shellfish: lobster, oysters and shrimp. From Gothenburg and its star-rated restaurants to the summer town of Smögen and beyond, you can enjoy the taste of western Sweden.

Off the coast lies the western archipelago, consisting of more than 1000 islands - from lonely pink granite islands and reefs to the "yacht-rich" and exuberant Marstrand with its regattas and famous fortress Carlsten. The sailing and sailing scene is highly developed in Sweden and you will find countless (yacht) harbors along the entire coast. When we seek peace we set course for the nature reserves of the Kostere Islands and the protected marine landscape of Koster Havet.

In Norway we experience the often wild landscape of the coast with lots of open space and excellent ports along the way. Bergen is the gateway to the Norwegian fjords and there are countless possibilities to discover the wonderful coastline. The western archipelago is a unique and fairly unknown area: we can sail the open sea, or when the weather conditions get rough, we can choose to explore the quiet inland waters.

To the north of Bergen is the Sognefjord and to the south the Sunnhordaland and Hardanger Fjord. Sailing in the Sognefjord is an extraordinary experience, knowing that we are in Norway's longest and deepest fjord. We sail in the 111 mile long fjord in a breathtaking landscape between the high mountains, the highest point is 1800 meters, the deepest 1300 meters below sea level.

Also known as the Norwegian Riviera, the south coast of Norway has the most friendly climate in the country, but also a unique landscape with characteristic idyllic houses in sheltered bays, thousands of small islands, rocks and reefs just off the coast.

In 2020 we will sail the Colin Archer again. You want to come with us?

The trips to Norway are special in the context of the Colin Archer Memorial Race. This C.A.M.R. has been sailing every two years since 1982 and is known as an ideal way to sail the ship quickly from Lauwersoog to Larvik in southeastern Norway. Once in Larvik a warm welcome takes place. The distance is approximately 365 nautical miles.