Zeezeilers Adventures

Maybe you know the moments that you want to go further, something else, something new. More challenge, expanding your comfort zone and broadening your horizon. Sometimes it does not go as you want or it ends with a hisser. Then you think about the next step. You want self-confidence, skill and a grip on the situation because that brings you new possibilities and adventure

Wedstrijd zeilen

Vaarprogramma Offshore Wedstrijdzeilen. Ervaar de kick van het zeilen "in the Groove" en het samenwerken in een team in een campagne RORC Fastnet, IJspegel wedstrijden, 24 uurs, CAM Race, Challangecup of de Heineken Regatta bij St Maarten?

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Adventurous sailing trips to Gran Canaria, Caribbean, Azores and. Great sailing weather, challenging and groundbreaking. Island hopping and always wind for active sailing. Warm enough for a swim. 80% of the participants book individually. Every sailing trip is also a sailing training. Nautical miles count for CWO or RYA. Do not hesitate to call or email us.

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