Cursussen voor Gevorderden

Full Advanced Courses

One effective course of 5 to 7 days to become an independent day skipper "tidal" if you already have experience. Have fun sailing together with other enthusiastic sailors. CWO JaZ-II "tidal"
Full advanced course given in Dutch. Englisch on request. This is not a dayskipper course but simulair.

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Short Advanced course

Intensive course of 2 to 5 days as a refresher course or short partial course. For if you already have a fair amount of experience with cabin yachts. Practical lessons for CWO JaZ-II "tidal".
Short advanced course, given in Dutch. Englisch on request. This is not a dayskipper course but simulair.

At the start of the course we make a choice from the material: Route planning, navigation, sailing skills and independent skipper on day trips. Of course your experience and wishes are the starting point for the instructor. You will sail a lot and make adequate nautical miles in Dutch sailing areas. With several short courses you will achieve the same result as with the Full Advanced course. We usually sail on the Wad to the islands, in the sea holes and on the high seas. The instructor does not touch the helm.

To book a course, first add it to your sailing plan (your shopping cart). You can then complete the booking.

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Yachthandling under power

A course of 1 day handling a sailing yacht under power. Intensive practice in port, box and locks. This is an course given in Dutch, English on request.

With a maximum of 4 students from Harlingen or Amsterdam in the harbour, boxes and locks. Berthing alongside on pontoons and in boxes, taking off from leeshore and passing locks. You learn to use the extensive range of options. You choose the right procedure to start and complete a maneuver safely and with an overview.

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RYA Day Skipper

A RYA Day Skipper course for aspiring skippers with some yachting experience and basic navigation and sailing skills. A course with the training of hundreds of practical skills.

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