Uw juiste cursus zeezeilen kiezen

Dear sailor,

With your knowledge, experience and wishes as a starting point, you can choose a sea sailing course or prepare your ideal plan together with us.Choosing the right voyage requires careful coordination, we are happy to guide you through this and ensure that you enter your experience at the right level in terms of sea sailing course.

We have a structure in the course level. Each course stands on its own but is also the preparation for a follow-up course.
Obtaining certificates does not have to be your goal. You will enjoy sailing safely with a cabin yacht at sea. The instructor is your coach and capitalizes on your experience during training. With sufficient experience it is possible to take an exam for CWO III or IV "sea sailing" or all levels of the RYA. You then show what you can do.

We are happy to help you with the right choice for a sailing trip that fits your wishes and experience.