You can rent our sailing yacht equipped for sea sailing from Harlingen for a trip on the Wadden Sea or Amsterdam for sailing on the IJsselmeer or the high seas. But also on one of the routes with foreign destinations.
you can discuss your wishes with us. In our course planning sometimes a ship remains free and if we know this in time we anticipate by deploying an extra ship.

From Harlingen or Amsterdam
You rent the ship in the schedule that the Centurions sail.

With foreign destinations.
You rent the ship on one of the routes that De Zeezeilers sail anyway. You can stop in a different place. The following crew will take over the ship from you. After a week of sailing you get off and drive back to the Netherlands with a rental van, organized by us. You do not have to address your range and you sail directly into the area.

With this concept you can, for example, set up your personal learning program with your own team.

Our ships have 5 (7) or 8-10 (12) beds. The prices can vary from 2250 euros per 7 days for a fully equipped yacht for this task. In principle, we rent including a skipper or instructor. But also exclusive if there is sufficient experience from the skipper and crew. For example a spacious CWO III or comparable.

If you arrive on time, many locations and destinations are still possible. The planning for the following year is approaching completion in October. You can contact us about this to share your ideas.