Advanced sailing & Dry-out on the Sands

Advanced sailing & Dry-out on the Sands

Mother Nature has pulled a stop from the Wadden Sea. Nothing is left of the surroundings of less than an hour and a half ago.

I know that the moon always pulls the water back, pushes it back again and again, like a timeless dance with attraction, but the theory pales in practice. This is falling dry - Wieke van Oord

Sailing and falling dry on the Wad. An advanced course with a sharp cabin yacht that can fall dry. With a depth of at least 90 cm, the Wad is a lot bigger. During the 4-day course, for example, you will sail from Harlingen to the Eastern Wad and there may be a change at Lauwersoog. We will explain all the details with regard to sailing in this area and falling dry. This course focuses on taking shallows, rigging, rhythms on the Wad, anchoring and dropping out.

Trip: 1626 Cursus zeilen & droogvallen op het Wad

Mon 05 Apr 10:00 - Fri 09 Apr 16:00

€ 835.00