Avontuur, zeemijlen maken voor RYA/CWO & verkenning mooiste stukje Noord Spanje

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General information with details for this adventurous active sailing trip and mile maker.
Pre Sail or course Experience

We expect you to enjoy active sailing and to be a more or less experienced crew member for a longer time at sea. Based on your experience we divide tasks on board. So that together you form a team led by the skipper.

Covid & hygiene

Hygiene, health and safety is of great importance. Please be aware that living on board with a couple of people in a confined space demands hygiene is top priority. We keep a sharp eye on the latest (international) developments regarding Covid. At the moment there are no special measures or regulations on board. Please stay at home if you have any symptoms and have yourself tested. Contact the office if you are not able to participate on the course.

Impression program & Activities

This sailing trip is a balance between appropriate instruction, making miles and an active sailing holiday with other enthusiastic sailors. You will enjoy the diversity of this sailing trip.
The first day we pay attention to safety, purchasing, and perhaps a first short sailing trip. The trip can be challenging and you will certainly sail under the stars for a few nights. Of course there is time for exploration on shore with the right planning.

Who are your fellow students?

• Active and adventurous sailors
• Sailors who want to explore new sailing areas
• Sailors who want to deepen their skills
• Entries are usually individual
• Ages vary, average 25-50
• Average male/female 60/40

Tasks on board

Your instructor will discuss in advance which roles and tasks you will fulfill. He or she guides you on the basis of your practical knowledge and skills. There is little time for theoretical further training. That can be done before.
• Steer and proactively operate and trim the sails
• As a watch leader you are responsible for navigation
• As a yacht skipper you have a proactive role in the trip planning
• Take care of the ship, minor maintenance and repairs
• Apply all skills
• Watch will you sleep :-)

Skipper academie
Your experience counts! This trip is a preparation for you as a skipper in the future.
This advanced training is an excelent milebuilder after one off the Skipper Courses. Read more about RYA Certificats

The skipper will advise you. If you want, we will track your nautical miles and progress on your CWO or RYA training card. It is not possible to do a final tuning or exam. We do not train and practice because the route is not designed for it. • Many miles have to be made. That means a lot of time for planning and navigation. But no time for necessary exercises.

Preparation at home

If you would like to practice coastal navigation, we recommend that you study coastal navigation. Or book one of the online courses
• Also view the travel preparation day for the correct application of the strategies and the correct working with the REEDS Almanac & tides. read more 

Crew gear.
You will find an overview of what you take on board at: What do you bring? Narcotic drugs or drugs are not permitted on board. Sailing suits can sometimes be rented. These are not on board so inquire if that is possible at the office long time before! (€ 9 / day)!

Price Inclusief

Instruction, accommodation and accommodation on board, VAT, liability insurance, booking costs and funds

Price Exclusief

Transport to and from the departure point. possibly (customs) taxes, competition fees, etc. You arrange travel and cancellation insurance yourself. Greenhouse for eating on board, harbor dues (varies by use € 15-25 per day) and fuel costs Afterwards, a new gas bottle is changed every week.
The skipper is kept free from this.


You gather at the boat at the agreed time. So you do not have to come earlier. Your instructor will send any additional information beforehand.

End of the trip

After cleaning and evacuation, the tour generally ends at the indicated time.